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Originating from Central India, Udyami Promotion is dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship at the grassroots. We connect aspiring entrepreneurs with established businesses, specializing in creating franchise and partner models in suburban and rural regions. Beyond model development, we assist in securing funds, training, and permissions, ensuring every entrepreneur is set for success. Join us in empowering the next wave of Indian entrepreneurs.

Udyami Promotion is a pioneering startup, proudly funded and emanating from the heart of Central India. Our mission is to invigorate the spirit of entrepreneurship at the grassroots level, acting as a bridge that connects budding entrepreneurs with well-established businesses. Our expertise lies in the crafting and development of franchise, sales partner, channel partner, and referral partner models, with a special emphasis on the untapped potential of suburban and rural India.

We Recognizing the unique challenges and needs of different regions and communities, we work hand-in-hand with businesses to design bespoke entrepreneurial models. These tailored strategies ensure sustainable growth, mutual benefit, and the empowerment of local communities. But our commitment doesn’t end there. We understand that the journey of an entrepreneur is filled with hurdles. To that end, Udyami Promotion extends its support in securing essential funds, comprehensive training, and necessary permissions for these rising entrepreneurs. This holistic approach ensures that they are not only equipped with a business model but also have the resources and knowledge to make it thrive. Join us in our endeavor to create a flourishing entrepreneurial ecosystem, where dreams are nurtured, businesses grow, and communities prosper.

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Over 100+ Business Opportunities

Benefits to Business Owners

  • Get access to 1,000+ local business aspirants
  • Access to local training partners
  • Access to business facilitation partners
  • Access to knowledge partners, govt. Schemes
  • Expand your business to all quarters of the country.
  • Assistance in udyami certificates
Over 10000+ Local Business Aspirants

Benefits to Aspirant

  • 100+ local active business opportunities
  • Be part of established businesses
  • Get benefits of govt schemes
  • Easy financial assistance
  • Free training - Learn before starting businesses
  • Assistance in acquiring certificates

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